Health Care


We are healthcare IT consultants and professionals who help our clients use IT to improve the quality and cost of patient care. We do this by advising on the best way to align strategy, implement systems, apply analytics, and realize value from clinical data – value that can translate into performance improvement, care coordination, and better population management. We accelerate results and create sustainable solutions through our proven methodologies and proprietary tools. 

While healthcare consumers view patient care as the center of healthcare, for healthcare providers, getting paid for their services is equally important. As any Revenue Cycle Director or CFO can tell you, sometimes the “getting paid for it” can make the “taking care of patients” look easy by comparison.

Good Revenue Cycle practices are essential to keeping denials down, to collecting Accounts Receivable in a timely fashion, and, most importantly, improving cash flow. At Elite, we combine our clinical and technology expertise with a thorough understanding of financial management in the provider setting to help our clients meet their financial goals. 

Our consultants are former clinicians, many of whom have also been served in various levels such as A/R Directors, Billing Managers, or Revenue Cycle Directors. We understand the nuances of different clinical care settings, including hospitals, clinics, physician practices, and acute care facilities. 


ICD-10 is coming – and soon. Organizations are employing widely varying approaches to prepare.  Some organizations will treat the preparation as a technical exercise. Others will treat it as a process change. Still others will look to train and revamp their staffs.  At Elite, we understand that successfully transitioning to ICD-10 requires a comprehensive and multi-disciplined approach. From physician documentation to abstraction techniques, from inter-faces and datasets to coding, billing and reporting, our clients will need to prepare themselves across the entire organization. Elite’s experienced team and cohesive methodology addresses the technology, the processes, and the organizational issues. We do this through a disciplined approach that includes assessment, planning, and remediation.


Organizations implementing complex medical IT systems know that there are many stops along the path before reaching the final destination. Extraordinary financial investments are made, and the future and quality of patient care for the local community depend heavily on a successfully delivered project.

When you partner with the Elite, you know the professionals recruited for your implementation projects are the best in their field. For every aspect of the project lifecycle, you can be certain that every candidate we submit will be a fully trained, experienced professional who will understand your needs and provide immediate value to fulfill your organizational strategy.

Every implementation requires a complex and customized solution. The Elite offers our clients implementation service options to bring your individual project strategy to fruition. All of our project consultants are full-lifecycle multi-project industry experts. We provide benefits throughout your project, offering valuable experience and cross-application knowledge that reduce building rework and help decrease the overall project cost. The Elite’s implementation services offer:

  • Project assessment / strategic-implementation planning
  • Readiness assessment
  • Design, build and validation
  • Testing and system integration
  • Clinical content development and training
  • Revenue cycle development / ICD-10
  • Medication management
  • Data migration / Legacy support
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Clinical adoption
  • Optimization
  • Ad-hoc staff augmentation


The Elite's has the talent and experience to ensure that healthcare organizations have the data they need, when they need it. With the growing importance of reporting as a component of today’s healthcare systems, we focus on creating capabilities that provide our clients with the information needed to make informed decisions throughout the entire organization. Our reporting capabilities meet all meaningful-use standards and go further to offer advanced customization.

Our experienced professionals have the ability to provide advanced reporting capabilities of virtually any variety, whether clinical, financial or demographic.